Sunday, April 05, 2020

Igniters are Zooming!

Staying Safe
Yes, we are all staying at home and keeping our social distance during the pandemic. Thank you for all doing your part and helping others.

Zoom Meetings!
Just because we are not meeting in person doesn't mean we can't learn and have fun using technology. Ever since March 17, Igniters started having Zoom meetings and it has been great to see many of our members!

We have been lauging, learning, and many have said how energized and glad they came to the meeting. Guests are welcome to join anytime!

New Roles: We have added to help us using the technology. Host - helps to mute/unmute participants to make sure meeting runs more smoothly. Watcher - watches members to help with lighting, audio, as they speak. Chatmaster - monitors the chats for questions and concerns that come up. Lots of learning indeed. Glen shared tip of using space bar to unmute and we had fun intstead of knocking for word of the day waving our hands at our ears. Boy those hands were moving all night!

Last week speaker Jey showed us how to use powerpoint and how to have audience participation. All the members unmuted their mics and we practised some soothing Budhist phrases to help remain more calm and will also help specific parts of the body. Stephen gave an inspiring toast to Bear 101 and shared some bear stories. Evaluators gave feedback to speakers and also tips on presenting in front of the camera.

Resources for Better Online Meetings: During the week we had another zoom meeting organized by Deb from Tireless Talkers, other Toastmasters shared tips and experiences of having online meetings. Growing together. District 42 has many useful resources for online meetings and Marvin is on the D42 Tech Team helping others organize online meetings and stay connected. See you next Tues!

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