Monday, December 16, 2019

Happy Holidays! We are all looking forward to the annual party where we will be celebrating with good food and fellowship. Of course the fun continues with the gift exchange! Come join us in the New Year, work on your goals and look for more photos coming.

Over the past three meetings we have had many speakers who have been working on their educational goals. Great to have guests enjoy our meetings and return again to learn more.

We even had a Speakers Night last week, as we have many members wanting to give speeches and work on their goals. We will be having this once a month to meet our members needs. Over the past few weeks, evaluators were giving helpful tips and motivating speakers continue to take their speeches to the next level. New members giving ice breakers, members achieving goals through consensus and more experienced members working on toasts and roasts. Great to see so much support for our members working on Pathways or the Legacy program!

Imagine what you could do next year if you started working on your communication and leadership goals!