Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Igniters Sizzle This Week!

You could feel the energy! Great turnout! Marion VP of Membership - inducted three new members Ayanna, Margaret, and Mark in a warm and friendly ceremony. Igniters pledged their support to help our new members grow!

Two more members had a great time and are also joining! Diane as Toastmaster radiated warmth, smiles, and energy. Members had fun with her theme on authors and actors. The members couldn't wait to share their favorite books made into movies. Bren gave a heartwarming tribute to Robin Williams.

Guest speaker Asghar from Westhills Toastmasters shared "My Recipe for Peace" through the 3 P's - Plan, Play, Persist. Who knew we would find the recipe for peace tonight at Igniters?!

Creative Marvin brought props and new members sizzled sharing 1 - 2 minute impromptu speeches. Bren picked the stuffed dog and gave a touching story. Silvia wore colorful leis and  shared her love of dance. Cat wore a sports helmet and creatively related to being a nurse. Margaret used a lantern  as mediation lights up the soul. Newest member Anne used a magnifying glass to share her passion for geocaching and looking for treasure.

This week - a twist with two evaluators giving them feedback. Chris G gave helpful tips on their introduction, body, and conclusion. Michel gave tips on delivery on body language and movement. Thanks Bob for visiting from Westhills and sharing helpful tips. Michael had two teams to see who were the better listeners! Imagine leaders who could listen better?!! Looking for a fun place to work on your goals and learn. Igniters is the place to be!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

This week's meeting was a Barn Burner.

We had four speakers to start the Barn Burning at this week's Igniters Meeting. The first speech came from Marion who delivered her Competent Communicator speech #10 to earn her CC! Next up was Michel who delivered his first project toward his ACB. Nandini was next with a project from her ACB manual to "fan the flames" a bit more and congratulate Marion on her accomplishment.

We were very happy to have a full house this week and you could feel the excitement in the room from the moment you walked in. We were very happy to have 6 guests join us this week! We took a short break to enjoy some delicious cake that was baked for us by Mona. Thanks Mona for the delicious treat!

Immediately after our short break we got back into the prepared speeches with another Competent Communicator speech number 10 from our guest speaker Jennifer who joined us from the Westhills Club.

The fire just kept building as we moved into our evaluation portion of the meeting. Our General Evaluator Chris G. lead us into four great evaluations led by four very experienced Toastmasters. First up was Glen evaluating Marion's speech, Chris C. took the lectern next to evaluate Michel. Iris (Guest Evaluator) gave a very effective evaluation of Nandini's speech by also echoing Nandini's opening. Our last evaluator Mona evaluated Jennifer's speech. Since the theme of this meeting was evaluations, we held a contest for the best evaluator. Mona and Iris received an equal number of votes to make a tie in the evaluation "contest" for the week. Adam W. our area governor joined us and led us as our Quizmaster at the end of the meeting.

Congratulations to all of the participants who helped to make this week's meeting such a great success. The fires are going to just keep burning more brightly in the weeks to come. We are going to continue to see great turnouts and excitement at every meeting!

You don't want to miss any of it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chris is recognized for achieving his ALB.

Michel makes a presentation to Chris as Chris achieves his Advanced Leader Bronze designation. Chris has worked hard this year and has completed his CC, CL and ALB.

Congratulations Chris on your achievement!

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Diane receives her Advanced Communicator Gold Ribbon!

Club president Nandini presents the Advanced communicator Gold ribbon to Diane. During the presentation ceremony Nandini informed us that in completing this goal Diane completed over 40 speeches!

Congratulations Diane on your achievement!

Igniters group for our Feb 3rd meeting.

Igniters gather around the Toastmaster banner at our February 3rd. meeting. We were very fortunate to have 3 guests in attendance tonight!

Way to go Igniters.

Monday, February 02, 2015

Daryl is recognized for his Advanced Leader Bronze.

Stephen presents Daryl with a gift as recognition in his completion of his Advanced Leader Bronze designation.

Daryl delivered his second speech from the "Successful Club Series" entitled "Finding New Members for your Club."

Congratulations Daryl on your achievement!