Monday, November 30, 2015

Congratulation to Nandini from Igniters'

Igniter's president, Chris  was ecstatic to share the news that Nandini, one of our founding members,  had won the District 42 Table Topic's competition in Saskatoon this past week-end. 

Thanks Iris - Your Voice, Your Message

Members and guests were thrilled to hear Iris Talbot, our guest speaker,  share her presentation, "YOUR VOICE, YOUR MESSAGE".   Those in attendance left our meeting with a new appreciation of how the voice works and different ways to use this amazing gift to improve our message. Iris had our complete attention from the moment she started to share her message with us,  by asking for audience feedback and having us practice different vocal techniques.

Chris, Igniter's president, is seem here with Iris thanking her for sharing the information with us.

Thanks again Iris!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

NANDINI is District 42 Table Topics Winner

Congratulations Nandini!!
Nandini was one of 12 contestants from Alberta and Saskatchewan, and she had people excited as she answered the following Table Topics question "If you have to take one photo of your life what would it be?"
Nandini won the District 42 Table Topics contest!

Thanks to Carolyn Kaldy, DTM for sharing her photo with us.

We are all very proud of her as she Ignited Spirits at the Conference in Saskatoon.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Distinguished Club Program

Our President, Chis, was excited to share the letter and information we received from "District 42 Incentive Team.   The letter contained the pins and ribbons that Igniter's qualified for during the months of June through September, 2015.  We are working as a club to maintain our DCP(Distinguished Club Program) for the currant year.  Thanks Chris for sharing this information with us.

I am inviting anyone reading this blog to come to one of our meeting and enjoy our relaxed but enthusiastic group.  We have fun as we learn all about what Toastmaster's has to offer. 

Welcome to Igniter's Deborah

 Marion, our VP of Membership,  had the pleasure in inducting Deborah to our club.  It is always exciting to have new members and we are looking forward to Deborah's icebreaking speech.

Deborah surprised us by bringing tasty muffins for all to share. Michel, our VP of Education is seem here helping to pass them around.

Welcome to Igniter's Deborah

Spirit of Success Award

Nandini presented our Spirit of Success award to Michael.  Michael represented the awards criteria  by being energetic and enthusiastic in all the roles he was willing to take on    His five CC  speeches were entertaining and passionate, as were his evaluations.  His friendlyand keen manner made guests comfortable and relaxed.

Congratulation Michael, we are excited to have you in the club and look forward to hearing more speeches.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Good Luck Nandini

We are all thrilled to wish Nandini  the best of luck
in the Table Topic's Competition at the District 42 Fall Convention in  Saskatoon this week-end.  The Igniter's in Saskatoon and those still in Calgary are sending you positive thoughts.


Iris Talbot - Your Voice, Your Message

                        IRIS TALBOT
               Your Voice, Your Message
                 Nov. 24, 2015. at 07:00 PM

Whether singing or speaking how well you use your voice makes a definite impact when giving a speech.  Your voice should be the last thing that ages when used correctly.  Iris Talbot is living proof of that as she received her Bachelor of Music degree over forty years ago and still has a youthful exuberant voice.  
Distinguished Toastmaster Iris Talbot joined Toastmasters in October 2006. She currently serves as the President of Absolutely Fabulous Toastmasters and is a member of CREBtalkers as well.  She is a voice coach for speakers and singers, a full time Realtor and trainer with the Calgary real estate board.   
Iris hopes that today’s brief introduction to the voice will stimulate your curiosity about your own voice. A healthy voice is a beautifully expressive one which is essential when communicating with others.  Learn tips for improving your voice as Iris shares with you her insights from her years of experience as a voice teacher.  

We at Igniter's are excited to hear Iris speak and invite you to our weekly meeting at the  Parkdale  Community Association, 3512  5th Ave. NW

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Division J - Public Relations of the Year Award

Marvin, Margaret, Nandini, Diane, Brenda, Marion,and Glen were happy to stand beside Chris when he received his award for Division J  - Public Relations  of the Year for  from the Past Division J Director Grant.

Division J Area Table Topics Competition Award

Toastmaster Poorna, Division J Director, presented Nandini with the certificate and trophy for winning the Division J Area Table Topics  Competition.   Nandini's enthusiastic response to the question "If you could change your name to any name, what would it be and why?" was entertaining and interesting.  Thanks to those who organized the completion and those that volunteered so that everyone enjoyed the evening.  

Division J, Area Table Topics Competition

Nandini received her Table Topics participation certificate from Toastmaster Michael, Area J48 Director, for competing in Division J Area competition. 

Division J - Presidentr of the Year

Congratulations to Nandini for winning the President of the Year -  Division J Award.  Grant Hanna, Past Division J Director is seen here presenting her with the trophy. 
Nandini, our past president, spent countless hours ensuring Igniters was an amazing club and that Division J achieved excellence.  She led by example, ensuring that Toastmasters Values guided our actions - Integrity, Respect, Service and Excellence.  
Well done and well deserved Nandini.

Division J "VP Public Relations Winner"

We are excited for Chris G our President, as he won  VP of Public Relations for the Year - J Division.
His efforts creating this blog, his constant promotions of Toastmasters and his involvement and volunteerism has shown us that Toastmasters’ Leadership Program is only limited by the individuals participation.

Halloween Meeting

Igniters celebrated our October 27, 2015 meeting with ghosts, hobgoblins, scarecrows and witches.  We had five guests, including Ted, the friendly candy carrying scarecrow that came with Mona, our witch-master for the night.  Our only speaker, Stephen presented an interpretive reading from Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories That Heal by Rachel Naomi Remen.  The last reading talked about grabbing the "cookie" in your life and he ended the presentation sharing a tray of cookies with us.