Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April Fools Prequel meeting.

Igniters held an exciting April Fools prequel meeting on Tuesday. Toastmaster Chris started the evening by asking all the members to share some of their funniest April Fools experiences.

We moved quickly into an exciting icebreaker from one of our newest members Ayanna. We learned a lot about her origins, and her interests. Ayanna spoke very clearly and confidently. Fantastic job on your Icebreaker Ayanna! 

Daryl our VP of education was next with an educational speech about the Competent Communicator Manual. Daryl used his usual casual relaxed style to teach us a lot about what we needed to know.

President Nandini was next up to present ribbons to Chris and Daryl to celebrate their educational achievements. Daryl has been hard at work completing his Competent Communicator, Competent Leader, Advanced Leader Bronze. He also completed his Advanced Communicator Silver! Amazing job Daryl.

Chris also had a busy year completing his Competent Communicator, Competent Leader and Advanced Leader Bronze

Our president Nandini will represent us at the District Contest on April 10, 2015. We hope that everyone can attend and help to cheer Nandini!

We are looking for to another exciting meeting next week.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Stretch your Skills!

I attended the J41 Evaluation and International speech contest at SAIT.  If you didn't attend you missed out on a very enjoyable event. It was great having Glen, Marvin and Margaret there Igniting Spirits in their contest roles.

Congratulations to Nandini our Club President, who won the International speech contest. She presented poised (with her beautiful smile) and confident.  She owned the stage and the passion flowed throughout her speech about - Not Just Yet! There were 5 other contestants who did really well too, but I knew Nandini was the winner. Way to go girl!

Way to Go!  Chris G. our VP of Public Relations, who was flashing a suntan from his trip to California, presented his Evaluation for the test speaker. The test speaker only joined Toastmasters four months ago - brave soul.  Chris did a very good job - outlining the method of his evaluation and shared strengths and helpful tips for the speaker to improve. He said he was very nervous but he didn't appear to be. He came in 3rd out of 6 Evaluators. Congratulations Chris!

It is always nice to sit back and enjoy others speaking.  I sat beside two contestants(whom I didn't know were speaking)and they didn't appear the least bit nervous. I was surprised when they got up and spoke. Toastmasters can really help members learn ways to be more confident. Practice makes perfect!

You will have to plan to attend next time. There are many opportunities for contestants, judges, and contest official to keep learning. Division J Contest is on April 10. Go Igniters!


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Igniting with Ice-Breakers!

We had another awesome meeting!  Mona, the Queen Toastmaster for the night prepared cards to help us understand the Leadership and Communication Tracks that are available in the Toastmasters program.   She was able to explain the process in a fun and educational manner that required participation by all members. What communication and leadership goals do you have this year?

Mark and Bren both gave their Icebreaker speech, the first

speech, and were able to share parts of their lives with the group. Both Mark and I truly appreciate our mentors who helped with our Icebreaker and all the encouragement they have given us though the writing and modifying those speeches.

Glen's scary yet humorous storytelling kept us in suspense until the last line. Glen was working on an advanced humorous speaking manual. Sylvia and Chris both did an excellent job of the Table Topic questions that Marvin asked regarding "spring" and flowers. A fun way to think on your feet and practice a mini-speech.
See you next week - a great place to grow!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Luck of the Irish at Igniters!

Our St. Patrick's meeting on March 17 was very "festive". Marion our Toastmaster for the evening, started out with some interesting history regarding the holiday and that was followed up by two awesome speeches by Mona from the entertaining manual and Nandini was getting helpful feedback from the members.

Green was definitely the lucky color for the night with Margaret winning the best dressed prize! A supply of green vegetables!
Tip: from our VP Education Daryl. Your first speech or IceBreaker Speech is all about introducing yourself to your Toastmaster's club, it can be a personal, general or humorous story but it is yours.
The main point is structure developing an opening, body and close. Maybe 3 main points for the body, a dramatic opening and something we can take away as members to summarize your points and a call to action.
Let's all wish Nandini  and Chris G luck in the upcoming J41 Area Contest.


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mentoring Makes A Difference!

Mona Cooley, DTM did an awesome workshop and Webinar tonight about Mentoring.  Our members and many guests left with new ways to approach our strengths and challenges in life and Toastmasters.

Do you want support to achieve your personal goals? Let us help you find your strengths and identify your challenges.
We were delighted to have District Governor Doris Henn, DTM (oversees clubs in Alberta & Sask.) visit and we all had an opportunity to sign and have a photo with the Distinguished District banner. The banner will be displayed at the International Convention in Las Vegas in August.

See you next week. Lots of opportunities to grow!




Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Club contest results.

Our club contest was a success again for 2015. On the left Chris G and Chris C went head to head in the club evaluation contest. Both contestants evaluated a fantastic speech by a member of Westhills club. Chris G will be representing Igniters at the Area contest.

On the right we had Nandini competing with Daryl for the International Speech contest title. Both contestants took different approaches to their presentation, however Nandini will be representing Igniters at the Area Contest.

We had lots of time for a potluck and some social interaction during the contest. We were very happy to welcome many guests for our contest as well.