Monday, April 30, 2018

Welcome & Farewell

Sherry and VP Membership, Marion during a formal induction of our new Member Casey. 
Igniters and guests can look forward to more exciting stories from Casey!

We also celebrated as Ayanna inspired us with her 10th speech for her Competent Communicator. 
Igniters will miss her as she moves to Ontario for a new adventure in her nutrition career. Best of luck Ayanna!

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Area Contest

Igniters had fun at the E6 Area Contest. Marion was a great Contest Chair. Chris as SAA, Anette timer, Somayeh ballot counter, Marvin Chief Judge and other Igniters cheering.  
Yvonne and Ksenija did us proud!

Next up is the Division Contest
Friday April 13 2018
Winston Mountain view Community Centre 520 27 Ave NE



Pathways Ambassador Darlene and Guide Andre, Ignited our spirits for the new Pathways education program. We all opened with our new beginnings and showed enthusiasm as this was theme and word of day. Lots of questions and a great evening of learning!

New Members 01/18

Welcome to New Members
Pictured here is an Igniters membership induction for James, Sherry, Anette and Judson facilitated by Marion the past club president