Friday, May 15, 2009

Tips on Leadership

by Mona Cooley, DTM
This convention was inspiring as I had the pleasure of observing how a leader, like Jana Barnhill, DTM is so successful in her business, as a leader of International and interactions with others. This has inspired me to have the COURAGE to raise the bar of leadership, Presence with Others, no matter whether it is in my family, business or personal goals.

What I learned:
1. Look people in the eye with sincerity.
2. Talk to others as if you are chatting one on one.
3. Communicate energizing others to challenge themselves.
4. Speak with a presence of ease and authenticity.
5. Know the 10 tips of being a leader (Refer to May 10 entry)
6. Role model demonstrating leadership at it’s best.
7. Have the “courage” to conquer your fears.
Press Play (below) to read more insights and tips Mona shares about spending time with our International President. How can you be a more inspiring leader?
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Disrict 42 Spring Convention

Two Igniters D42 PRO Keith and Past District Governor Mona had a great time in Saskatoon learning, growing, and networking with Toastmasters across Alberta & Saskatchewan.

Keith shared 10 Inspiring Tips on Leadership by President of Toastmasters International Jana Barnhill. (press play) Learn how to be a more effective leader!

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