Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Supporting ESL Members at Toastmasters

At the first meeting of the year, January 4th, our guest speaker, Yvea Zaels facilitated a panel discussion. The topic of this discussion was how we as Toastmasters can support English as Second Language (ESL) members. Mona Cooley, Keith Lee and Maria Kandaurova were the 3 Igniters who participated in this panel. All three of them offered us practical tips how we can support ESL members. Review and practice their tips below:

Mona’s Tips

· Offer a clear explanation on the importance of Table Topics and why we do it

· Explain the importance of having a mentor

· Explain the value of Toastmasters

Keith’s Tips

· When evaluating keep STRESS in mind

* Specific

* True – be honest

* Respectful

* Encouraging

* Sensitive – to differences in culture

* Strategic – provide 1 – 2 suggestions that would be most effective for the speaker

Maria’s Tips

· Explain all meanings for the word of the day and use it in a sentence.

· Write and display the challenge word for all to see

· Have monthly meetings between clubs so they can practice in front of different people

Let’s work together to help all members feel supported and guided at Igniters.