Sunday, October 27, 2019

Exciting Area Contest!

Diane wins Area E6 Evaluation Contest! Way to go Igniters! Glen, Mary, and Stephen showed their support by coming. Great to have friendly faces in the audience!

The Area Contest was hosted by Smart Speakers and our A.Director Jennifer. Mona was a funny SAA and entertained us with introductions after the fact! Marvin helped as Chief Judge and Marion was an awesome timer! Nandini as Evaluation Toastmaster introduced the Test speaker who shared tips on positive self talk.

Dermot shared his experience of being a test speaker at other contests. He learned lots of feedback from the evaluators and really enjoyed the opportunity to develop his speaking skills.

Come on out to the Division Contest Nov 2 in Cochrane. A great afternoon of Table Topics, Evaluations, and awards. 

Friday, October 11, 2019

Club Contest - Celebrating our Members

How can you step out of  your comfort zone and grow? Enter a club contest, help out as a contest official, or learn from others for the next time!

Table Topics Contest
Toastmaster: Yvonne

1. Diane
2. Trevor
3. Chris
We learned alot about our members as they shared 1 thing they do uniquely

Evaluation Contest
Toastmaster: Nandini
Thank you to Jey for getting us the test speaker from his other club. Margaret gave a heartfelt and inspiring speech and honored her son.

1. Diane
2. Trevor
3. Glen

Dont you love a good photo where everyone is growing a little taller!!

Marion was a terrific food organizer and boy were the members delighted. Thanks to everyone for helping out and making the club contest a successful night.