Monday, January 28, 2019

"What Igniters is up to" - Igniter's Executive Meeting January 8th.

Igniters Executive Meeting

Date: Jan 8, 2019

Attending: Yvonne  (President), Marvin  (VP Education), Ksenija  (VP Membership), James (VP PR), Anette (Treasurer), Nandini (Secretary), Chris  (Past President

Absent: Mona  (Mentoring Coordinator)

1. Welcome

2. Past Minutes Approved (Sept 4, 2018)

    Seconded: Ksenija 

3. Executive Reports:

President – Yvonne 

·       Yvonne presented Moments of Truth and gave a speech for implementing recommendations and explaining DCP program to members.

·       Action: Send to club. SAA or TM – 2 min warning before meeting starts.

·       Action: having greeters at door made members feel welcome. Everyone can help.

VP Education - Marvin 

Members continue working on their goals. New members have used “Cheat Sheet to Pathways”. Have found helpful in using Pathways.

·       Action: Marvin will send executives Club Success Plan he planned.

·       Action: Marvin and Yvonne will discuss DCP and plans for posting online. Yvonne has a written copy of DCP. Will have at the club.

    Mentoring Coordinator: Mona  – no report sent.

VP Membership - Ksenija 

·       Current: 23 members

·       Action: Working on birthday list. Will send to other executives.

·       Action: Membership Campaign Planned (Ksenija and Mona)

VP M and VP PR will discuss and work together on campaign.


 VP PR - James 

·       Will continue posting on blog. Members achievements recognized. Thanked Marvin and Nandini for sending photos and posting on the blog.

·       Action: Speechcraft – will be planning for the future. Will look into more details and buying Speechcraft Kit. There will be a fee charged for participants to cover expenses and for the club to raise some funds.

Treasurer - Anette   

·       23 members. End of March will be $660. Igniters still need to be cautious in spending.


·       Moments of Truth and suggestions sent to members.

·       Joint Meeting - Contacted Bob from Miracles to plan join meeting. Waiting for dates.

·       Action: Follow up with Bob for dates

4. New Business

·       Name Tent Cards – guests (3) and visitor tent cards made for club. Corey is laminating for free.

Action: Contact Margaret if you want a new name tag. She is making in batches.

·       New Igniting Spirits Trophy – recognize an inspiring Igniter at each meeting. Stephen donated Trophy.

Criteria: Trophy stays at the club. Once first member honored – that person will pick the person next week. If member absent – TM will choose member to win trophy that week.

·       Action: VP ED Marvin will get an engraved plaque for trophy– Igniting Spirits

·       Action: VP PR James will post criteria and award info on the blog

·       Spring Club Contest

Humorous and International Speech Contest – before Mar. 17/2019

·       Action: Yvonne will send info for members to choose date. Likely Mar 5 or Mar 12

Will discuss at Jan. 21 meeting.

Action: Marvin will send info about spring contest along with Jan. 21 agenda. Members absent can send any preferences for dates.

      Training of Officers – Jan and Feb 2019

·       2nd training for executive.

·       Action: Yvonne will send training dates to executive.

·       Action: Executive to tell Yvonne date they will attend training

      Membership Growth Workshop – District sponsored

·       Action: Yvonne, Ksenija, and James Frail all attending Jan. 12/19.

5. Next Meeting:

Feb 19, 2019

March 19, 2019



Igniters Secretary

Sunday, January 27, 2019

"Why Storytelling Matters" by Garry Reynolds, TEDxKyoto

I just enjoyed watching a great video "Why Storytelling Matters" by Garry Reynolds, TEDxKyoto and thought I would share it with you.

Garry is a very good presenter and if you have 15:10 this is talk is worth watching. 

Garry provides 11 tips for improving your presentations:
(Follow this link for a more complete written explanation of these tips.

1. Turn off your computer - use post-it notes or a whiteboard to find your story
2. Put the Audience First - find the common theme in your story that is relevant to them
3. Use a solid structure - He suggests brainstorming using these categories: Ideal, Reality, Problem, Solution, Next Step
4. Have a clear theme - "What is your point"?
5. Remove the non-essential - remember Chekhov's gun. If you write about a gun in chapter 1 it better go off in chapter 2 or 3
6. Hook Em Early
7. Show a clear conflict
8. Demonstrate a clear change
9. Do something UNEXPECTED
10. Make them feel something
11. Be authentic, be vulnerable

TED Talks are a great source of videos of well prepared presenters. I'm finding it helpful to watch these video's and thinking about what they are doing that is making them successful.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Accelerating Your Goals in 2019

A common theme for Igniters members is setting goals and working to be more successful in life.

On January 8, 2019 I attended a though provoking presentation by Steve Osmond (Rhapsody Strategies) a life and business coach. Steve is an excellent presenter, he connected well with the audience, he is funny and personable, he is a great story teller, he used very few slides and the ones he did were sparse and effective. Steve shared some great arguments for where people go wrong with their goal setting and posed some excellent questions. After the session I spent an hour thinking about and answering the questions included below. I think they may be helpful to you. Below I include some of the highlights of his hour long talk (I you have questions please speak with me). The best part of his talk was the “Impact Interview Questions” he posed which I include at the end of this post.  

Q: Why don’t goals work?

A: They are mostly to do lists. Goals can place limits that may keep us from reaching our full potential. (excellent example of a marathon trainer training for a goal time 4 hrs to 3:29 vs training capabilities improved to 3:16).

There are three dimensions of life:

Being Doing Having

Most people live in the have world. Have a career, have a vacation, have a house. That requires us to do.

You need to Do more to have more.

Busyness is the new stupid.

Q “How are you doing?”

A: “Busy” is the common answer. If I give my normal answer: “good, balanced” then people will try to force “yes but you are busy too right”?

If you really want to become more successful you need to focus on your “Being”.

Be is about Personal Transformation and what competencies and beliefs I need eg. More effective organization, overcome procrastination etc.

As a coach I see people in a place in their life and they set goals and they have a vision of success. However, they operate in a circle of habits and mindsets and scripts that limit them and hold them back unless an outside force intervenes.

Make a habit of listening to your voice and asking yourself if you are exhibiting “Leader Behavior” or “Victim Behavior”?

Leader Behavior: Facing reality, problem solving, ownership, visible commitment, and taking determined action.


Victim Behavior: Excuses, finger pointing, blaming, helplessness, selfishness. Meanwhile others succeed.

Ask yourself “am I above or below the line”? Keep pushing yourself up.

How are you sabotaging your efforts? What new scripts will you embrace in 2019? What is your inner voice saying? Your chance of success goes up with a better script.


Gleicher’s Formula for Change:


and they told us there would be no math!

Dissatisfaction with the current state.

Steve uses a hilarious whiny victim voice and gives a rant “nothings ever going to change…Nenshi, the Economy, bla bla bla”.

We are motivated by Pain or Pleasure. Do you ever say to yourself “I know that I am Meant for More”.

Vision of what is possible. Paint a Clear Picture. If you aim for nothing you will hit it every time!

First Concrete Steps. What are you going to do in the next 7 days towards that goal?

Steven presents the “Wheel of Life” a multidimensional life model (emotional, intellectual, relationship, family, spiritual, health, career, financial) and asks us to reflect on our success in each dimension of our life. He suggests we set goals in the weakest areas first.

Impact Interview:

1.       “When you step back from your life what do you see? (3rd person)”.

2.       “In what areas of your life are you getting ready to get ready? Stalling, procrastinating, waiting for conditions to be just right before taking action”.

3.       “What good advice are you ignoring?”

4.       “Where are you leaking energy because you are preoccupied with something on your mind that is undone?” great example of driving around avoiding cops due to registration not being renewed. “What loop needs to be closed?” Check out the book “The Power of Full Engagement”.

5.       “What five words would you like to describe yourself but can’t?” It should be more than an occasional practice it should be a part of who I am.

6.       “As the leader of your life WHO must you fearlessly (bravely, boldly, taking 2 steps out of your comfort zone) become?”

7.       “What will you stop doing?”

8.       “When I look back on 2019 what will you say you accomplished?” If it was one thing only? Priority used to be singular, now it is popular to say priorities as in my 10 priorities are: ____ If you have 10 priorities you have none.

9.       “What are you most passionate about in life or business?” If you align your goals to something you enjoy you are going to have more energy and success and happiness.

10.    “What are you grateful for?” Check out the TED Talk on Gratitude. (Takeaway: If you make a daily habit of focusing on what you are grateful for you will always be happy. If you focus on what you don’t have you will never have enough and your will only have fleeting periods of happiness).

11.   “What made you successful in the past and how might you bring more of that into your life and business this year?”

12.   “How do you stay inspired? How might you do more of that in 2019?”

13.   “What’s your gut telling you about the coming year?” Face reality. Don’t put the optimist lenses on.

Use the answers from these questions to create your:  2019 Impact Plan

1.       What matters most?

2.       What steps will you take?

3.       When will you take them?

4.       What resources will you need?

5.       Who will you need? 

Welcome Cory Mike and Adrienne our newly inducted Igniters Members!!!

Congratulations to our newly inducted Igniters Members!

Left to right: Cory,  Mike,  and Adrienne were welcomed to our club by Ksenija our VP Membership.  

We enjoyed getting to know more about each of them, and they committed to the "Toastmasters Promise" and the existing Igniters Club members pledged to support them in their quest for self-development. Please note the Induction Ceremony and "A Toastmaster's Promise" included below. 

Inducting Officer:         (Call all new members to front of room.)

Being a Toastmaster means more than simply making a commitment to self-development. Everyone who joins a Toastmasters Club is making a commitment to the Club, to its members, and to the organization as a whole. What do you pledge to the Igniters Toastmasters Club?

New Members:             (together say “A Toastmaster’s Promise”)

As a member of Toastmasters International and the Igniters Toastmasters Club, I promise:
  • To attend Club meetings regularly;
  • To prepare all of my speeches to the best of my ability, basing them on projects in the Competent Communication and Competent Leadership manuals or the Advanced Communication and Leadership Program manuals;
  • To willingly prepare for and fulfill meeting assignments;
  • To provide fellow members with helpful, constructive evaluations;
  • To help the Club maintain the positive, friendly environment necessary for all members to learn and grow;
  • To willingly serve my Club as an officer when called upon to do so;
  • To treat my fellow Club members and our guests with respect and courtesy;
  • To bring guests to Club meetings so they can see the benefits Toastmasters membership offers;
  • To adhere to the guidelines and rules for all Toastmasters educational and recognition programs; and
  • To maintain honest and highly ethical standards during the conduct of all Toastmasters activities.

Inducting Officer:
These new members have pledged to be full participants in Igniters Toastmasters Club. What do you, the members of Igniters Toastmasters Club, pledge to them?

Club Members:             (Stand and repeat our Club’s pledge to its new members):

We, the members of the Igniters Toastmasters Club, pledge to support you in your quest for self-development; to provide you with positive, helpful evaluations; to maintain a friendly, supportive atmosphere; to give you opportunities to help others; and to make your Toastmasters membership a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Inducting Officer:
Hand each a Toastmasters membership certificate. Lead applause, and then ask new members to return to their seats.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Tuesday January 8 Awards

Our Area Director Daryl helped to present our awards

Margaret received 1st in the Area Evaluation Contest. Yvonne received her Competent Leader.

James received his Advance Communicator Bronze (yay me!).

Christmas Party Recipes

Winter Kale and Quinoa Salad

Here is the recipe that I based my Xmas potluck salad on.  I didn't change the dressing part at all.  Instead of walnuts, I used 1/4 cup pan roasted raw sunflower seeds and 1/4 cup pan roasted raw pumpkins seeds.  I used a bit more water than 1/2 cup for the quinoa, probably 2/3-3/4 cups.  I added in finely chopped green and red cabbage although I kept to the same quantity of dressing.  As Marion suggested, blueberries or orange sections would be good.  I didn't put dried cranberries in.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  Oh, I massaged the kale after chopping.

Best wishes,


Creamy Black Bean Hummus

1 14 oz can chickpeas or black beans

4 tbsp tahini

4 tbsp olive oil

juice of one lemon (seeds removed)

1 garlic clove crushed or garlic powder

crushed sea salt to taste

black pepper to taste

1/4 tsp cumin ground or paprika

coriander or parsley leaves (optional)

Puree in a food processor until the desired consistency is achieved. The flavor is best when served at room temperature. Serve with nacho chips or pita chips for dipping.



Christmas Party December 18, 2018

What a terrific party last night! 

Thanks to our awesome hosts Diane and Glen. 

Vicky, Marion, and Yvonne did a great job in planning and the food from everyone was delicious. 

We sure had a great time opening and stealing gifts. Vegetable race was fun! Some of us may never look at a potato the same way again!

Moments of Truth

Education Session: Moments of Truth

Presenter: Yvonne Heerema

                  Technical Assistance: Vicky Huynh

Date: Dec 4, 2018


§  Yvonne presented the 6 Key Areas of Moments of Truth. PowerPoint slides

§  The room was divided into 6 teams (approx. 3 in each team. Experienced and new members) for brainstorming and solutions for Igniters to improve

§  Igniters has a strong foundation to build on for the future

Moments of Truth Worksheet (opinion 3 members)

1. First Impressions

v Greet guests warmly 4                             

v Guest book and name tags provided 5

v Professionally arranged meeting room 5

v Convenient meeting location 5

v Guests invited to address club 5

v Guests invited to join 5

2. Membership Orientation

v Formal induction 5

v Assignment mentor 5

v Education programs, recognition system discussed 3

v Learning Needs assessed 5

v Speaking Needs assigned 5

v Members involved in all aspects of club activities 5

3. Fellowship Variety Communication

v Guests greeted warmly made welcome 5

v Enjoyable, education meetings planned 5

v Regularly scheduled social events 2

v Members participate Area, District, Internat. Events 4

v Interclub events encouraged 1

v Club newsletter/website published updated regularly 5

4.  Program Planning and Meeting Organization

v Program and agenda publicized in advance 5

v Members know program responsibilities and prepared to carry out all assignments 3

v Projects manual projects 4

v Meetings begin and end on time 3

v Creative table topics and activities 4.5

v Positive helpful evaluations 5

5.  Membership Strength

v Club has 20 or more members 5

v Members are retained 3

v Promotion of club in community 2    or within organization 4

v Club programs varied and exciting 4 -5

v Toastmaster sponsoring new members recognized 1

v Regular membership building programs 3

6. Achievement Recognition

v Awards immediately submitted World headquarters 4

v Progress charts displayed and maintained 2

v Members Achievements formally recognized with ceremony 5

v Club, District, International leaders recognized 5

v Club and member achievements publicized 5

v DCP planning and recognition 5

Summary of Solutions

1) First Impressions

·       Ensure guest greeted at the door when arrive. (Guest felt welcomed after, initially not sure)

·       More audio visual (projectors, computers, whiteboard for more professional setting)

2) Membership Orientation

·       Quarterly Review of DCP

·       New Member Guide

3) Fellowship, Variety, and Communication

·       Celebrate Birthdays Monthly

·       More joint activities with Miracles

4) Program Planning

·       Role Descriptions/ Cheat Sheets easily available

·       Meeting Mentor – sit next to new members taking on roles

·       Sign up Advanced Agenda

·       2 Min Warning – prior to mtg. Ensure start on time.

·       Toastmaster – modify meeting to ensure finish on time.

5) Membership Strength

    (no answers supplied)

6) Achievement Recognition

·       Inform members

·       More consistent – Progress Display

·       Pathways – Display Members Paths

·       Creative Awards – in mtg. (Eg. Ah/Um counter – Piggy Bank. 5 cents. Max 25 cents)