Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Memtor Moment

Toast of the Town welcomed Anne as a guest during their Pecha Kucha contest meeting. Pecha Kucha is "the art of concise presentations" with a 20x20 format of 20 seconds description for each of 20 slides. The theme can vary and Toast of the Town was very convincing about scenic locations throughout the world to enjoy retirement.
If you have a free lunch hour or evening, visit a nearby club to meet  TM members and bring new ideas back to Igniters.
Thank you Anne for the very inspirational "Mentor Moment" on Tuesday and for the contribution to the blog to spread the word about Pecha Kucha

New Members for Igniters

We are so excited to have our VP of Membership Marion, induct Reid and Deb into Toastmasters.  Marion is always enthusiastic when introducing new members to the opportunities that are available to them.  We are looking forward to their upcoming Icebreaker speeches.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spring 2016 International Speech Contest

The 2016 Evaluation and International Speech Contest winners and the Area Directors
 Left to Right Below:  Ho Man 2nd International Speech,  Ellen (Igniter)| 3rd International Speech,  Saya 2nd Evaluation,  Ulzhan 3rd Evaluation, Brenda 1st Evaluation , and Flo 1st International Speech, Susan - J45 Area Director, Kathy  - J41 Area  Director,  Nazlie - J60  Director, Darlene - J46 Area Direstor,  Poorna - J Division Director, Michael -  J48 Director
Congratulation to all of the competitors (missing from photos - Glen (Igniter), Andre,  and Rob) you gave us a very entertaining and educational evening.  Thanks to those who volunteered and everyone that came to support Toastmasters at its best. 


Chris ,Igniter's President,  proudly preparing to carry our Banner  on stage before the contests began.

The parade of banner for District J - Division 42

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Storytelling - learn from a Pro

Once again we had a tremendous meeting with two awesome guests.
Darlene Davies presented a storytelling workshop "Igniting Interest with Stories" which took us through the steps required to find an idea, write an inspirational story and to tell it with style.  Her passion for Toastmasters was infectious.
Our second guest, Kathy Young (J41 Director), walked us through the six "Moments of Truth" that are fundamentals of any Toastmasters' club and helped us understand how we are doing great and where Igniter's could set goals to improve.

Marvin, Nandini, Darlene and Michel, founding members of Igniters'.  Kathy (in centre of photo)

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

22 Members attended tonight

We had an awesome meeting tonight with a full slate of volunteers stepping up to fill the required positions to run a exciting meeting.  The tables were filled with 22 Igniters, some of which were our founding members and a few who joined less than a month ago. Everyone participated with the round table introduction by sharing their favorite memory or fascination with SPRING.

Clemens, the SAA, started the meeting on time and did an excellent job of introducing Stephen, our Toastmaster.  Mona and Nandini educated and entertained us with two speeches and then a short presentation that informed us of our voting privileges at the up-coming convention.  Marvin, Anne and Chris imparted valuable insight when the gave their evaluations.

Thanks again for an enjoyable evening.

Friday, April 01, 2016

Area 41, Division J District 42 Spring Contest

Anne, Mona, Diane, Nandini,  Chris G, Marvin, Brenda and Marion attended the Area 41, Division J District 42 Spring Contest on March 31, at the Brentwood Co-op to cheer on our competing Igniters -  Margaret, Ellen, Glen and Chris C. as they participated in the International Speech and Evaluation Contests.

Check out the rest of the blog to see how our Igniters placed. 

Congratualation to Ellen and Glen 1st Place Award Winners

Kathy, the contest chair, for the Evaluation Contest, Area 41, Division J, District 42 presented Glen with the first place award for his assessment of an amazing test speech

Chris, the Toastmaster for the International Speech contest and Helen the Toastmaster of the Evaluation   contest assisted with the presentations.

Kathy, the contest chair, for the International Speech Contest, Area 41, Division J, District 42 presented Ellen with the first place award for her speech "You Can't Always Get What You Want"