Thursday, January 30, 2020

Do you want to be a stronger leader? Funnier?

VP Membership Diane inducts Isha 
What did we learn this week?

Can you run a meeting effectively?
Full house againJey as our Toastmaster shared information about the importance of knowing about articles and bylaws and our constitution.
* Tip: Learning Roberts Rules can help run a meeting better. You can make decisions more easily. Our Pres. Ksenija recently attended a Parliamentary workshop by Katrina at leadership training and used at our exec meeting. She inspired this week by sharing her two main leadership styles at work and as a volunteer.

How do we support our members? 
* New Member Inductions - allow us to learn more about our members and to hear their goals. Club members also pledge their support to help members in achieving these goals. Mentors are assigned. Isha gave an inspiring speech and shared lessons about sportsmanship and what happened when she thought she had won a 100 m race! Oh no! What lessons could you share?

Need some laughter? You have come to the right place!
Glen gave a funny speech about clutter and clearning up! Yes, we all laughed as we have been there.
* Humor Tips:
Personal stories - have natural elements of funny especially when things don't go the way we planned!
Props: Can add power and arouse curiousity from the audience. What's in the bag Glen?!
More Tips? Look below if you want to add more humor.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Warming Up at Igniters!

It was a chilly - 20 and we had a full house! Same as last week at our Speakers Night. Great place to warm up with laughter and learning. Our Area Director Jennifer was visiting and she won the weekly Igniting Spirits trophy for all her dedication to our club.

She also offered Congratulations to Igniters for already being a Presidents Distinguished Club - 9/10 goals in January! Fantastic news!

Theme: New Years Resolution with Margaret as Toastmaster leading the meeting.
We had fun sharing our resolutions and goals or sharing why we don't make resolutions. It ranged from going to the gym to meditating more regularly.
* Tip: Stephen - Keep a jar and every time you achieve something write it down and put in the jar. Then review at the end of the year. Great idea!

Yvonne shared descriptive stories about Yellowknife as a doctor and Mona informed us about her primary leadership style and how it impacted her in dealing with team members. She also shared areas that she can work on being more effective.
* Tip: Distractions like ringing phones may happen. Keep going and focus on your message. Try and ignore the distractions.

A warm welcome to newest Igniter Cat by VP Membership Diane. During the induction ceremony, we learned more about our newest member and her exciting running goals. Want to know what it is - ask her! Every member stood up and pledged their support to our newest member. It was great to also have two guests visit.

On Sat, Jan. 11 at CLED - a special all day training, members Marvin helped with officer training, and Nandini helped with PR and co-presented Circle of Gold. A way for members to strengthen their speaking skills through supportive feedback. A great day of leadership and learning also for our President Ksenija.