Thursday, August 29, 2019

Power of Stories and 2019 World Champion of Speaking

Ksenija, our President went to another officer training this week and shared "Facts tell, Stories sell!"

Watch the 2019 winner of the International Speech Contest at the Toastmaster Convention. What can you learn from his story? How can you tell a better story with more impact?

This week our speakers Yvonne and Mary were sharing stories and the lessons about time management and leadership. Mary shared a tip she learned from Yvonne 500 - 600 words is approximately a 5 -7 min speech. Try it! 

New Member Induction - Great to have Naomi join us!
Planner or Spontaneous?
We had a fun meeting learning about our members. Some are organizers and like to plan for travelling and some are more spontaneous.

What books are you reading? Margaret shared a book she is enjoying called Serve to Win by tennis player Novak Djokivic about his diet and fitness plan that helped him with his best season ever. She used it as a prop to ask spontaneous questions and the members shared their favorite books, dreams, and ideas in a 1-2 minute speech. You need to get to the point quickly!

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Igniters Celebrate! Mentoring and Video Tip

Celebrating Birthdays! Igniters had a fun meeting celebrating five August birthdays. After the meeting fruit, cupcakes and chatting with each other and our guest. You should have been there trying to fit five names as we sang Happy Birthday!

Advantages of Mentoring Plus At Igniters you have the advantage of working with a mentor and also being part of a mentoring team. Mona, Mentoring Coordinator met with new members to share about the benefits and getting a mentor to help with their goals. Save time, grow faster, and learn from others at your own pace!

What leadership skills do you want to develop?  Jey was working on his Level 5 in Pathways by moderating a panel with Stephen, Yvonne, and Marvin.

Tip from his evaluator: where you stand is important. You can connect better with your audience. Lindsay a new member was timer and she had to pay careful attention to many timing requirements. Great job! She has been taking on new roles at the meeting and applying some of these learnings at work.

Leadership Opportunities! In August there have been leadership trainings (CLED) and workshops all over Calgary. Igniters has 7/7 club officers trained!

Igniters were giving workshops, Nandini sharing tips on impromptu speaking, Mona on effective evaluations, and Marvin teaching treasurers. Dermot a newer member and Sergeant at Arms networked with leaders. Ksenija, our President supported members and gathered ideas.

*Video Tip: How to prepare for a speech in a minute

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Welcome More Igniters! The Evaluation Advantage

A warm welcome to Ayanna, Trevor, Lindsay, Naiomi, and Mina!  Great to have you join our club. We are all here to help and support you with your goals.

The Evaluation Advantage

 This week Trevor gave his icebreaker speech "Three Objects that Define Me" while Jey gave his ice breaker on his second Path "Where Are you From?" Stephen on Level 2 of Pathways, shared about his communication style. Each week our members learn new ideas.

The Evaluation Advantage is you get feedback, learn from it and grow. This week, evaluators Chris, Mary, and Vicky helped the speakers develop their skills by sharing strengths and areas for improvement in an encouraging manner. Not only do speakers get feedback from an evaluator, they also get written evaluations  from the members of the club. 

It doesn't stop there! Yvonne, was the General Evaluator and she gave feedback about other roles at the meeting, and how the evaluators can also improve. 

Want to learn more about giving an Effective Evaluation? (click for more info)

Stay Tuned! Next time the Benefits of Mentoring and Leadership Training

President Ksenija inducts new member Lindsay 

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Growing This Summer!

Yes our members are growing this summer! Every time you practice, get feedback - you get better.

Great to see many Igniters at the meeting. We had a fun meeting with Marvin as our Toastmaster, sharing tips on wine tasting and vineyards in B.C.  Ayanna gave an ice breaker speech in the Presentation Mastery Pathway. She shared why she is learning Spanish and how as a dietician it can allow her to help more people. Muchas Gracias!

Diane, our VP Membership gave an induction for our new members Trevor and Ayanna  to welcome them to our club. Igniters also gave their support to help the new members grow. Look for more inductions as we have more guests joining!!

 Do you want to be a stronger leader? Better communicator? When will you start working on your goals? "Day One or One Day?" Jay Shetty a motivational speaker - shared this idea. You decide!