Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Story Telling Workshop

Visitors welcome to our Story Telling Workshop!!!

We at Igniters are very excited to have Darlene Davies, DTM, come to our meeting on April 12, 2016 to share a workshop on storey telling.  Darlene is a retired Business Advisor and Strategic Planner who has used stories to capture the audience’s attention with great success in her career and in Toastmasters. In 2012, she was the District 42 International Speech Contest Champion and a world semi-finalist

Stories can ignite understanding, touch hearts and inspire action. Have you ever wondered where to find stories, when to use them or how to make stories come alive? In this 20 minute educational workshop, Darlene Davies will share tips and stories that demonstrate how to ignite your audience with stories.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Good Luck Igniters

Let cheer on Igniters at the Area Contest. Margret and Ellen are competing in the International Speech Contest. Glen and Chris Crooks are competing in the Evaluation Contest.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

30 People - Excellent Turnout

Eggcellent turnout for our Easter themed meeting as we had 30 individuals, 24 Igniters and 6 guests on March 22, 2016. 
Rick, our first speaker did an awesome job of his CC #1, Icebreaker speech, titled “It’s About Time”.   Speaker two, Julie presented great visuals and great enthusiasm for her CC #8 speech “Chinese Characters” that taught us the meaning and how to write a few Chinese characters.  It was great to hear Ellen’s club competition winning speech ‘What You Want, What You Get”.  We are very lucky to have such a variety of presenters and splendid evaluators to share their skills with us. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

St. Patrick Day

Marion, our Toastmaster brought the luck of the Irish to our meeting, by celebrating St. Patrick Day two days early.  Julie was an excellent Sargeant at Arms.  During our round table introductions we answered the question, "Can you relate a time when you felt lucky or luck was on your side"? With that as a topic we had varied responses, but as we circled the table, I realized how lucky to have each other and be members of Igniters.
Once again our agenda was complete with a few minor changes. The tables, which were arranged in a new configuration,  were full and we had two guests to give us feed-back at the end of the meeting. 

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

IGNITERS - International Contest Winners

 Chris presented the International Contest first place winner, Ellen, with her certificate. Her very enthusiastic speech, You Can't Always Get What You Want, expressed the ideas that occasionally what we want may not always be what is the best for us.

Margaret received a second place certificate from Chris for her speech A Case For Crying,  about the ability of tears to heal.  

Igniters Evaluation Contest Winners

Nandini presented Glen with his first place certificate for the Evaluation Contest.  He will be representing our club at the next level of competition. 

Chris C. did an excellent  job of evaluating Keith's speech , Howling Mad, and will also represent Igniters at the Evaluation Contest.

IGNITERS - International Contest

Clemens acted as Sargeant at Arms for the International Contest and introduced Chris, the International Contest Toastmaster.  Chris outlined the contest purpose and the speaking order.  Marvin our Chief Judge reviewed the contest rules and procedures.  Glen, Margaret and Ellen gave us three very different speeches that were very personal to each of them.  Their titles express the feeling they had for their subjects, I Will Remember, I Can't Always Get What I Want, and A Case for Crying.

Margaret and Ellen will be moving on to represent Igniters.

IGNITERS - Evaluation Contest

First, I would like to thank Keith from the Westhill's Toastmasters Club for his very interesting speech "Howling Mad".
Stephen, the Sergeant at Arms introduced Nandini the Evaluation Contest Toastmaster. Nandini outlined the contest purpose and speaking order. The Chief Judge,  Marvin reviewed the contest rules and procedures.
Kieth's presentation about the less than sinister wolf, gave Clemons, Glen, Chris and Anne an opportunity to show their skills at evaluation.  They each gave their evaluation, using a variety of methods and then it was left to the judges.

IGNITERS - Evaluation and International Contest

We had a full slate of contestants and a large audience to enjoy our Evaluation and International Contest.  Our Contest Chair, Stephen and the Chief Judge, Marvin worked together to ensure everything ran smoothly. Once again Marion organized a delicious spread for all to nibble on throughout the evening. Thanks to those that brought food.  Timers Frode and Rob kept us moving and helped the contestants understand their allotted time.  Thanks to all of our volunteer judges and to the ballot counters, Rick, Kenneth, Paul and Marion.   We could not run a contest without the contestants and the many volunteers.                                               THANKS TO EVERYONE INVOVLED. 

More Evaluation and International Contest Pictures


Thanks Rick for sharing these pictures.

Timers hard at work!!
Rob and Frode


             Chief Judge, preparing for the contest.        

The contestants in action -
Chris, Glen, Ellen, Clemens, and Margaret

The BUFFET, thanks Marion

Sunday, March 06, 2016

BEST DRESSED at our Oscar Themed Meeting

Thanks to Stephen for sending me this great photo of Marvin, as he dressed the part of  the host (toastmaster) for our Oscar themed meeting on March 1.  He did a superb job of sharing Oscar information while keeping our meeting on schedule 

Marvin you win the "BEST DRESSED" category.