Sunday, December 13, 2015

2015 Christmas Party

We gathered at Mona and Ted's house for our Christmas party.  Those in attendance ate well on a delicious roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and gravy, main course supplied by our hosts. Guests brought potluck that included cheese and dip appetizers, salads, bacon and beans casserole, mashed potatoes which were following by decadent desserts of apple crisp, cookies, squares and fruit for the healthy diets.
After the meal, we moved downstairs to the Christmas tree for the gift exchange that allowed the brave to thieve their choice gift from others.  The port and homemade butter tarts seemed to frequently travel around the around the room.

Nandini and Anne - Another year wiser

We had great fun celebrating Nandini's and Anne's December birthdays with Mona showing her usual enthusiasm by presenting them each with their desserts with numbered candles that added up to their alleged ages of 29+. The apple crisp aka birthday cake was delicious and was enjoyed by all.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

New Member Induction - Welcome Clemens

The members of Igniters were excited to welcome Clemens to our club.  Marion performed the inductions and we stood recited the oath.  It was great to come to the meeting and see the room decorated so as to get us in the Christmas spirit.