Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Igniters Sizzle in the Fall

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Club Contest & WorkshopSept 22 - Fantastic Fall Contest! Fun, funny, and friendly!
Eden, Victoria, Shannon, & Allison
TT's took us to Hawaii,Venice,S. Pacific, & Africa.We laughed at the humorous stories of David's BBQ in Japan, the Bane of Hair of Garrett, and Georgi helped us look for vitamins in our fruits and veggies.
Thanks to all the judges, officials, contestants, and of course the enthusiastic audience. Results below.

Sept 8 - Judging and Table Topics Workshop
Division C Chief Judge Marvin shared his experience and expertise in helping others learn to be effective judges. He shared tips on barriers to effective judging, judging criteria, and filling out forms. What is one of the fastest ways to become a better speaker? Judge at contests of course! You learn about speech development, effective organization, delivery, and more!
Tip: Pick a winner. Best speaker at this contest on this day. No ties on ballot form!

2007 District 42 Table Topics Contest Winner Nandini shared tips and stories to help others prepare for thinking on your feet more quickly for contests. Tips: 1) Answer the question. Focus.
2) Be passionate & enthusiastic 3) Support your position. Press play for more tips

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Club Contest
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Humorous Contest
1. Eden
1. Dave
2. Victoria
2. Garrett

3. Georgi