Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Spring Contest District 42, Division E, Area 41 Winners


      Contest Chair:  Kathy Young
      Contest Winner: Ellen Pelletier
      Contest Toastmaster: Nandini Venkatesan

 EVALUATION CONTEST                                     
                                                                           Congratulations ELLEN !!!!!! 
  Contest Chair:  Kathy Young
  Contest Toastmaster: Ben Knochel
  Contest Winner: Ellen Pelletier

Come out and support Ellen at
Division E Contest
Thursday, April 20
Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association
1320 5 Ave NW, Calgary


  • Igniter's were thrilled to host the 2017 Spring Contest on April 4, 2017.  This contest could not happen without many volunteers. 
  • We would like to say thank you to the following.
    • Contest Chairs:    Kathy Young & Brenda Jones,
    • Toastmasters:       Nandini Venkatesan & Ben Knochel
    • Chief Judge:         Marvin Henry 
    • Timers:                 Ksenija Crnogorac & Chris Crooks
    • Ballot Counters:    Mona Cooley, Val Erickson & Diane Fox
    • Sargent at Arms:   Marion Butcher & Muhannad Nouri:
    • Test Speaker & Judges:     to remain anonymous
  • A big thanks to those that brought food and drinks.  Once again members and guests left the Igniter's hall with their food craving satisfied as we have a large variety of  appetizers and deserts. 
  • Apologies to anyone I missed in this THANK YOU.  Everyone that came and shared in the evening helped to make the contest memorable.

SPRING CONTEST District 42, Division E, Area 42


Once again our competitors did an awesome job presenting their speeches.  The audience was treated with five very different orations, all of which were entertaining and informative.
Contestants : Brandon Felty, Ellen Pelletier, Julie Wright, Julianna Barabas and Ken Schatzke chell Contest Chair - Kathy Young  Toastmaster - Nandini Venkatesan


We appreciated and enjoyed our test speaker that shared a life experience that many of us could relate to.  Our Contestants: Geetha Nicodemus, Ellen Pelletier and Supun DeSilva each brought their our style to the evaluations and as an audience member I appreciated and learned from their appraisals.   Toastmaster: Ben Knochel