Friday, May 22, 2020

Rising Leaders!

Way to Go! Congratulations Trevor!
Division E International Speech Contest - Sat May 16, 2020
3rd place - Trevor
2nd place - Darlene ( First President of Igniters)
1st place - Val

They attended Circle of Gold and recieved helpful feedback.

Rising Leaders
On May 19, we had another fantastic meeting with a full house. Great to see leaders take on new challenges and put their name forward for the elections.
Congratulations to the new Executive! 7 out 7 positions filled!
We have a nice blend of experienced members and new rising leaders. They will be attending District 42 Zoom Training (another first!) to learn about their roles, resources, and network with other executives from other clubs. This weekend at the Executive meeting, Ksenija has invited the new executive to attend and learn more about their upcoming roles. Toastmasters International - Where Leaders are Made!
District Training: June 16, 24, 27. Click for more info:

July 1, 2020- June 30, 2021
Club Officer
Vice President Education
Vice President Membership
Vice President Public Relations
Sergeant at Arms
Past President

Evening of Leadership
On Monday, May 25 - Marvin and Nandini will be moderating a panel and interviewing the incoming District 42 Club Growth Director and all 6 Division Directors.Come learn more about our leaders, their experiences, and lessons learned.
More info:  Please pre-register for our join Zoom link at

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Laughing and Learning

Every week we have strong meetings online, with many members choosing to grow while staying safe at home. There are many opportunities to develop your skills and connect with others in a positive, supportive community. Every week we learn from each other. Do we laugh - you bet! How are you adapting to change? Guests are always welcome.

Newest Igniter!
Jessica great to have you and welcome!

This is the first time we have had online contests. The District 42 Tech Team has been outstanding in their teamwork, learning along the way, and helping contestants. Many of our members including Marvin, Ksenija, Jey, Mary, Yvonne, Nandini, and Mona have helped as judges and contest officials.

Igniters did an amazing job at Area, Division, and District Contests. Great our members were willing to learn new ways of using zoom and speaking online. Also District 42 Circle of Gold went online for the first time, with contestants having the opportunity to practice and recieve feedback from multiple evaluators. Everyone can bring out their best at the contests.

Contest Results
Area E6- Humor Contest - 2nd - Glen
Division E International Contest - 1st - Trevor. 
District 42 Evaluation Contest - Diane

Speaking and Educational Awards 
We have had many of our members share their ideas and inspire and entertain us.
Icebreaker speeches: Drew shared about his goals for TM and Lorenzo spoke about growing up in Italy and coming to Canada. Newer members Tracy, Devon, and Cat have been creative in learning new roles. Always nice to have Ayanna, Chris, Stephen, and Yvonne share their ideas.

Educational Goals - Way to Go!
Level 1 - Persuasive Influence - Vicky
Level 1 - Innovative Planning - Trevor
Level 3 - Dynamic Leadership - Gil
Level 4 - Engaging Humor - Jey

New Leader Opportunities!
The advantages of becoming a leader at Igniters is you are supported, can talk to experienced members and mentors, and you can learn along the way. All the executive - Ksenija, Vicky, Diane, Nandini, Glen, Marion, and Dermot gave enthusiastic speeches about each of their roles. Elections will be held on May 19. What kind of leadership skills do you want to work on this year?