Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Igniter's 2016/2017 Executive

    Igniter's 2016/17 Executive

We are proud to announce our new executive:     Left to Right
Juin Li  --Treasurer
Marion -- President
Rob ------ VP Membership
Ellen ----- VP Education
Yvonne --- Secretary
Anne ----- VP Public Relations
Clemens-- Sargent At Arms

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Igniting Spirits at Convention

Igniters celebrate with all of District 42 one last time. The Spring Convention in Red Deer celebrates the growth in District 42. Starting July 1, 2016 we will have two Districts 99 (N. Alberta and N. Sask) and District 42 (S. Alberta & S. Sask). The theme of the Convention was Looking Back, Moving Forward.
Keynote Mark Brown - World Champion of Speaking shared How to Make your Stories Come Alive. Tips: 1) Make your 1D speeches a  3D experience. 2) Give an experience - audience needs to see, feel, hear, taste, touch. Choose your words carefully. 3) Don't tell us story - take us into your story.

Friday - Retro night. Pink Ladies Rock!                  
Sat - Masquerade Ball, Igniters celebrate Diane achieving her DTM.
It was a memorable weekend enjoying the International Speech Contest and the Evaluation Contest.  Learning, networking, and growing as leaders.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Diane's DTM Party

At our May 10th weekly meeting, we surprised Diane with a  celebration to honor her  completing the projects to become a Distinguished Toastmaster.  Chris G, Igniter's president, gave a speech sharing with us the requirements of a DTM.  After, taking us through each of the requirements he  presented Diane with her ALS (Advanced Leader Silver and her DTM  (Distinguished Toastmaster) ribbons.
Her excitement was seen by all those in attendance!!!

2016 Area 41 Context Awards Plaques

Poorna,  the J46 Area Director,  attended the May 10th  Igniters'  meeting to  present two of our members with  the spring 2016 Area 41 Award plaques.

Ellen received  first place in the Area 41 International Speech Contest

Glen received  first place in the Area 41 Evaluation Contest

DTM Party

Everyone was thrilled to celebrate Diane's DTM
Diane wished to say "I have learned and grown so much since joining Igniters! Thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement along the way."

Diane's DTM PArty

Stephen did an excellent job as Toastmaster at Diane's DTM Party by entertaining our guests and members as he took us through the agenda. 

 Nandini, Doris (past District Governor), Mona, Glen, Deb (a friend of Diane's) and Poorna(Division J Director)  each shared a bit about Dianes life.  They talked about the speeches Diane has given in the past, the different positions she has held within the clubs and how Toastmaster's had become
such an important part of her life.  Diane's enthusiasm for life and her dedication to helping others was a constant in each presentation.throughout the evening. 





Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Competent Communication Speech 1 and 10

Igniter's had another awesome meeting.  Marvin our Toastmaster brought us news from Toastmaster District 42, Spring Convention in Red Deer. 
On this beautiful day we were pleased to have 22 Igniter's, 2 past members and 3 guests at the meeting to hear two speeches from the Competent Communication Manual.

Ellen gave her CC#10 speech "Your Choice" and shared with us a presentation she will be giving to a group of high school students.  She shared the  difference between our  goal and our purpose here on earth and with the excellent addition of her slide presentation, we were able to learn how to apply the information to our lives.

We were fortunate to hear Kenneth's CC#1 Icebreaker speech "My Love For Books" where he walked us through parts of his life and shared some of his favorite books and how they applied to his life. He ended the presentation by finally taking the lid off of a box he had placed in the centre of the floor and surprised us by telling us that the empty box had contained his FEAR  (false evidence appearing real)