Friday, February 21, 2020

Table Topics Tips

This week we had two guests visit, and it was great to have them attend our meeting. Guests are always welcome! One of our guests joined! Great having a new Igniter!

Thinking on your Feet
Trevor brought a mysterious black bag filled with a few props for Table Topics. Marvin pulled out a tile with a lightbulb and shared his idea of going skiing at Norquay on the moguls and what happened on his last run! **TipShare about something that has happened to you rcently.
Chris took out a loaf of bread and shared a personal story about his breadmaking uncle. ** Tip: Talk about a family member or friend - you will speak with more conviction.
Mary drew a medal and shared about her latest accomplishment of starting a blog for Level 4 in the Pathways Educational Program. **Tip: Giving specific details will make your ideas more persuasive.

Dermot shared the importance of being a mentor and his use of Chinese Horoscopes and the impact of one of his mentors an inspiring librarian in Ireland. Gil shared the importance of a message of WE and highlighted with stories of tearing his hamstrings on a hike and how other team members helped support him. We all learned how to have more impact in speaking from evaluators Glen and Margaret.

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