Saturday, October 15, 2016

Stay Connected

Communication is key to health, relationships and engaging others. Communication was an area I had to change in my life or lose out on having great relationships in my life. Habits were formed that were not effective. I was put to the test of my communication skills when my daughter challenged me. Consistently, I reacted with a strong comment and getting to the point was easy. When Candace told me, mom you don't listen - I thought I was. Definitely not!! Communication has a ripple effect on health, relationships and engaging others. You want a ripple of inspiring, honest and engaging connection.

Ripple one - you say: life is challenging however I trust my abilities I can get through them
Ripple two  - this comment tells the brain, life is manageable and will be okay - stress free
Ripple three - positive thoughts to family, friends and others will have them wanting to engage
                       with you

This example gives you one idea of how your communication can effect you and others. I am not naive about life having difficult conversations. Real conversations test you. How you handle them will tell you what outcomes you will have whether negative or positive. When dealing with a difficult situations, ask the question - What is happening? This allows the other person to say what they want and you respond using words that they said. This tells the other person you are paying attention and hear what they are saying. This is a gift when someone feels heard. This relaxes others and you can express your thoughts with less tension. How much time do you take to listen to someone or is your brain too busy thinking what to do next.

Igniters, we are in the business of communication. How are your communication skills? At Igniters, it is important we connect even if we are unable to be at the club. I know I am in this position as my business is demanding more of my time and I will be missing some Tuesdays. I am challenging myself and all Igniters to stay connected by sending a note to say I will be away for the month, or congratulating someone on their success or sharing what is happening in your life. We care and we want to hear from you. Stay connected by staying in touch with us. The Dali Lama has put a challenge out to the world. I am asking you to join me to "be a force for good for health, relationships and engaging with others..." Stay in touch and communicate with care and compassion.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Area 41 Contest

The contestants were ready and excited to uncover the humour and provide thoughtful insight to Table Topic questions.  Brenda, Malcolm and Ellen had practiced in the weeks leading up to the Area 41 Contest.

Igniters sent their cheering team for encouragement during the contest. 

Area Director Kathy congratulated all contestants for their contribution towards a successful contest.  Good luck to the winners at the upcoming Division E Contest on Wednesday, October 26 at Rosedale Community Hall with Registration starting at 5:30pm.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It's a Tie !

We did the vote and there was a Table Topics Tie!  Seema, Malcolm and Margaret followed the secret recipe to success in answering the Table Topics questions from Rob's Google Top 60 Fill in the Blank questions with the theme of thankfulness and mindfulness. Their evaluator Diane did recommend using more personal stories to increase the impact in Q & A situations.  We can't wait to see and hear more success from our members and guests.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

New Member Induction

Malcolm was inducted into Igniters tonight.  It is an important occasion for new members and existing members to acknowledge their responsibilities of positive mentorship to everyone in the club.  Rob as VP Membership and Marion as President coordinated the induction ceremony.