Sunday, November 21, 2021

Mentoring Matters!

What are the advantages of joining Igniters? You can get get to your goals faster with the help of others. 
⭐ support ⭐ feedback ⭐ growth
How can we help?
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A warm welcome to 3 new Igniters Sylvanus, Ellen, Petra! Its been terrific to have guests visit. 
We have been having many educational, inspiring, and creative speakers. Jessica (Hybrid Meetings), Mona (Mentoring Conversations & Leadership) Diane (Ice Breaker & yes how she broke her shoulder) Mary (Body Language), Dermot (History of Toilets Who knew?!)Trevor (Communication Styles). Evaluators for every speaker - developing their analytical skills Jey, Yvonne, Marvin, and Chris. Join us and develop your skills.

Contests & Circle of Gold 
We are very proud of Glen and Tracy for their efforts in competing in both the Tall Tales and Table Topics (Impromptu) How we laughed at their stories!! How Glen met his wife and what Tracy caught while fishing. Oh the tales!
Circle of Gold - peer Mentoring for contestants across 6 Divisions to raise their speaking level. Nandini and Trevor along with other evaluators offered ideas to help the speakers grow.
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Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Celebration Time!

Just like the song, Celebration - we have alot to celebrate at Igniters! 
Area Contest
 A fun night on Fri Oct 29.  Ksenija was helping on tech, anonymous Igniters were judging, Diane, Vicky, Nandini were in the audience supporting our contestants. A huge thanks to all the Igniters who wrote congratulation notes.

Tall Tales Contest 
1. Tracy 
2. Glen
3. Amanda

Table Topics
1. Pearl
2. Samantha
3. Glen
Woo hoo!! Both Tracy and Glen will be competing for Tall Tales at the next level -  Division Contest Nov 19. Come cheer them on! 

Area Of the Year Awards
Awesome Igniters! 
Toastmaster of the Year - Mary 
Rookie of the Year - Tracy
Public Relations - Spoken Word 
Best of luck at the Division level

Halloween Meeting Oct 26
Trevor led a fun meeting with his beautiful locks of raven black and white hair! Word of the Day was mask and the challenge word disguise. Our guest also answered an impromptu topic and shared what she thought about scary movies.  Dermot gave a speech from Humorous Pathway and was good to know no animals were harmed in making this funny speech! 
We learned alot in Table Topics (impromptu speaking) hearing stories about scary movies, costumes, spirits, and favorite Halloweens. 
  • Where does a ghost go on vacation? Mali-boo
When you are not on vacation, come zoom with us  any Tuesday evening!

Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Summer Fun!

Last night we had a fun meeting on zoom sharing our summer memories. We have had lots of entertaining summer meetings. Great to have a guest.
Yvonne our dynamic Toastmaster encouraged us to use the word musings and Glen as grammarian gave anticipate as the challenge word. Igniters were anticipating to see who used the words the most!
Educational Goals Achieved!
Dermot gave an inspiring speech reflecting on his growth in Toastmasters and finishing his educational Path Presentation Mastery. Fantastic! He joins Mary who finished Effective Coaching and Marvin achieved Dynamic Leadership.
Way to go Igniters! What skills do you want to learn?
Tall Tales Contest
Contests are an excellent way to step outside of your comfort zone and grow your skills. Many of our members have stepped up with the help of mentors and greatly benefited.
Nandini shared tips from helping as a Circle of Gold evaluator at a Tall Tales Workshop. 
* Take an ordinary situation (getting stuck in traffic, getting lost) and write your personal story.
* Make it into a Tall Tale - add lots of exaggeration! Alliteration. Puns.
Eg ran 1 mile. Change to ran 1000 miles. Make everything much bigger! 
* Tall Tale Timing 3 - 5 minutes. Must be mostly an original story.
* Enter club Tall Tale Contest in the fall
More Resources: 

Thursday, July 01, 2021

Inspiring Igniters!

What a year end Celebration!  Educational Awards - our members went after their goals! Mary finished her Effective Coaching Path. The first one in our club to do this!! Dermot, Jessica Diane, Trevor, Mona, Marvin, Drew, Tracy, Gil, Ksenija, Yvonne, Lorenzo, Vicky, and Nandini all achieved credit for different levels in their Paths.
Why do our members succeed? We have a strong mentoring program. Also the support and encouragement is a cornerstone of Igniters and Toastmasters.
Leaders Rising!
Toastmasters - "Where Leaders Are Made!"
Marcus the incoming Area Director inducted the new incoming Executive for July 1, 2021 - June 30 2022.
Pres: Vicky
VP Education: Chris
VP Membership: Nandini
VP PR: Cat
Treasurer: Drew
Secretary: Tracy
Sergeant at Arms: Jeff
Highest Recognition for a Club
Guests are welcome all year round. 
Find out how you can achieve your goals - with the Igniters Advantage!!
Stay tuned for more Awards

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Lessons in Leadership

Leadership Workshop
What kind of leader are you? 
Stephen led a leadership workshop on June 9 to complete his Advanced Communicator Gold. It was well attended with 27 members and guests from other clubs. He made 3 videos that could be viewed prior to review key aspects of leadership and to help determine your leadership style. The 4 key styles of leadership were Reflection, Influence, Action, and Structure. 

Jey moderated a Panel with Ksenija (current President) and Marvin (incoming President) sharing advice about stepping out of your comfort zone, asking for help, and being a flexible leader.  Mona shared an important lesson "leadership touches everything you do!" and assisted in a round table asking various members about lessons on leadership.
Lessons from the workshop: Be aware of your leadership style, assess leadership style of your team, and find ways to resolve the gap between them. "If you don't know where you are at - how can you know where you are going!" Watch this video to be a better leader.

Stepping Up!
Marion was an inspiring leader on June 16 for taking on the role of Toastmaster on our online meeting. Great to see a full house again!  It was her first time in this role online and an opportunity to ask for help and learn along the way. Members were supportive and encouraging. This helps in building stronger leaders.

New Leaders
Lorenzo a newer member gave an educational speech on decision making and biases that leaders may have. He used an analogy of decision making and railway tracks and you want to avoid derailing! Tracy shared a personal ice breaker about the beauty of the Similkameen Valley and why she calls this her home. Way to go to our new members!

Ksenija, our President shared stories about a helpful mentor at work and the 3 pillars of skills, patience, and caring that helped her. In turn now, Ksenija will be mentoring another new member. Mentoring is a way for leaders to contribute and offer their experience and save upcoming leaders time and energy! Our club has mentoring teams that help the members with their goals.

How are you building your leadership skills? Every Tues night - a place to develop your skills!

Sunday, June 07, 2020

Igniting Ideas!

Igniting a Spark!
Every meeting - we see the sparks of creativity from our members! Yvonne asked our members - how have you been impacted by our club Igniters? The members shared 3 words each and Yvonne used Word Art to create this amazing image! You can see how much the members have gained from coming to this club and working on their skills.

Fan the Flames of Success
Our members continue to help each other develop their skills and achieve their educational goals. The Legacy Program will be ending June 30, 2020. Lots of opportunities to grow in Pathways Educational Program. 11 Paths for you to grow!

Creative speeches! Comparing Space X and Toastmasters, Mentees, Wicca, Mentoring Members, and Coaching about Blogging.

Educational Achievements! 
Advanced Communicator Bronze - Glen
Mentoring Program - Jey
Level 2 - Dynamic Leadership - Mona
Level 3 - Presentation Mastery - Dermot 
Level 4 - Effective Coaching - Mary

TT Wheel!
Congrats Best Listener!
Thinking Outside the Box!
Vicky as our Creative Table Topic Master used an app to create a TT wheel. She shared her screen and we all watched the wheel spin around and the name it landed on was the lucky speaker!

Tracy a newer member used her creativity to make an award as the Quiz Master. Congrats Cat! When could you be a better listener?!

Friday, May 22, 2020

Rising Leaders!

Way to Go! Congratulations Trevor!
Division E International Speech Contest - Sat May 16, 2020
3rd place - Trevor
2nd place - Darlene ( First President of Igniters)
1st place - Val

They attended Circle of Gold and recieved helpful feedback.

Rising Leaders
On May 19, we had another fantastic meeting with a full house. Great to see leaders take on new challenges and put their name forward for the elections.
Congratulations to the new Executive! 7 out 7 positions filled!
We have a nice blend of experienced members and new rising leaders. They will be attending District 42 Zoom Training (another first!) to learn about their roles, resources, and network with other executives from other clubs. This weekend at the Executive meeting, Ksenija has invited the new executive to attend and learn more about their upcoming roles. Toastmasters International - Where Leaders are Made!
District Training: June 16, 24, 27. Click for more info:

July 1, 2020- June 30, 2021
Club Officer
Vice President Education
Vice President Membership
Vice President Public Relations
Sergeant at Arms
Past President

Evening of Leadership
On Monday, May 25 - Marvin and Nandini will be moderating a panel and interviewing the incoming District 42 Club Growth Director and all 6 Division Directors.Come learn more about our leaders, their experiences, and lessons learned.
More info:  Please pre-register for our join Zoom link at