Sunday, November 29, 2009

Creativity Rules! ABBA & Backwards Meeting

Evaluations - You may have heard of the sandwich method (strengths, improvements, best) or the COD method (Content, Organization,Delivery). Have you heard the ABBA evaluation?!
Nov. 24 - ABBA meeting - a creative, fun filled, retro cool night! Check out the photos.

Click to play this Smilebox photobook: ABBA Night!What can you learn from music to help you be a better speaker?

Tip: Music creates an instant connection and rapport.

How do you connect with your audience?

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Nov. 10 Backwards Meeting 

This idea - from a book “The Crazy Dog Guide to Lifetime Happiness” by Brian Walker.The book was inspired by the Crow Indian practice of shaking up the routine in their lives to gain perspective.

We started by closing the meeting! Agenda
Read more on how to grow by shaking things up!
Article: by Igniters Members

If you want to have your own backwards meeting. Try it. Have fun! Tips to have a meeting - side menu.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Using Toastmaster Skills in your Professional Development

In Nov Tammy gave two presentations to Engineering Students  working for the University of Calgary. She gave a power point presentation on Expectations and Etiquette. Tammy receieved credit for her CC speech #8 Working with Visual Aids.

Are you fitting your life into your speeches? How can you  get credit for what you are already doing at work, in the community, or in your personal development.

3 Lessons Tammy learned:
1) When you give the same presentation twice  in a short period of time - great opportunity to learn and make the second presentation stronger! Assess your strengths and areas to improve.

2) Practice helps! She reviewed all her material for the 2nd presentation.

3) Know your slides. This way you can look at the audience rather than at the screen.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why Add Humor to your Presentations?

Georgi shares advice:
Even if you have the greatest content in your presentation, the attention span of your audience is not that long and at some point individual people will start drifting off mentally.
In order to keep people engaged throughout your presentation, it’s a good idea to give them a mental break every couple of minutes by telling a joke or a humorous story that provides the listeners’ minds with a temporary relief.

After they had a chance to laugh at your joke, the audience will be mentally reinvigorated and will continue listening to you with renewed, focused attention.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nov. 17 - Build Your B.E.S.T. Relationships

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Would you like to -
  • Attract and retain more members
  • Achieve successful mentoring relationships as a mentor or mentee  
  • Meet member needs more effectively 
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Then, this training is for you!

Nov. 17 Workshop
Great to see all the enthusiastic mentors and mentees from clubs across Calgary! Participants worked on the 4 stages of developing stronger mentoring relationships.                        
What are your goals? Have you started working on them?!!
Have you taken your action step this week?
For more information on how to build a mentoring program in your club - refer to Mentoring Guide in the resource section.