Friday, April 20, 2012

Contest update

Igniters are advancing to the Division evaluation contest on Friday, April 20, represented by Jeanette Williams. Jeanette won in our own club evaluation contest, and later the same night gave us a deeply moving speech in the international contest. She placed second in a tough field in the area evaluation contest, but has advanced to Division due to the absence of the winner. Come out and support Jeanette, 6:30 - 9:30 at the Brentwood Sportsplex.

In our international contest, Garrett Ulmer won our club contest with a speech about his daughter's struggle with reading, edging out Dave Brown's speech about changing his name twice. Garrett was unavailable in the area contest, so Dave advanced, and placed second behind an astonishing speech about the power of storytelling from the area winner, Darlene Davies. Darlene's speech is a thing of compelling beauty, anyone who missed it at the area contest, and anyone who wants to speak better, should make a point of seeing it on Friday at the division contest.

Directions to Brentwood are here. Admission is $5.