Friday, December 02, 2011

My trip to Lethbridge was successful -- Igniters win the District Humorous Speech contest for the second consecutive year! I've been checking with District 42 to figure out if that's ever been done before -- two different people from the same club winning in consecutive years. Going into the club contest, my goal was just to get past the club level. And I remember thinking it wasn't really fair to have to beat last year's district champion to attain that goal. But next year, somebody may have to beat two district champions.

You can take two lessons from my experience if you're thinking about competing next year. One: Even champions remain beatable. And two: If you can beat Igniters, you can beat everyone.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Igniters were out in force at the Division J contest Friday night, and brought home some new hardware in the Division Awards and the Humorous Speech Contest.
Igniters won Newsletter of the Year, for what, the third year in a row? Congratulations to the editor, Eden. She has really thrown down the gauntlet for whatever brave soul is supposed to follow that act.
And I won the division humorous speech contest. I really want to thank again everyone who helped me refine The Evilution of Rock over the last few weeks. Those little bits of paper you collect after a speech? They're actually full of insightful and useful advice! I never really sat down with them and studied them, for two reasons -- one, there haven't been many occasions on which I plan to do a speech more than once. And two, by habit, I've always been kind of solitary in the creative process. I thought I didn't like collaborating. But last night was the sixth time through that speech for me. I've had the time and the motivation to really think about peoples' suggestions, and incorporate a lot of them. When I look at the difference between round one and six, I can see how much I've learned from everyone at the club. Thanks, everyone!
There is just one more round to go: the District 42 Conference, at the Coastal Hotel and Convention Centre, Lethbridge, Nov. 4 - 6. If there are options for car-pooling, let's discuss them after the meeting on Tuesday.

- Dave Brown

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Area Contest

Congratulations to Terri and Dave, winners of our club table topics and humorous speech contests. Come and cheer them on at the as they represent Igniters at the area contest, at the University of Calgary Student Council Chambers, MacEwan Student Centre. Thursday, Oct. 6, from 7 pm to 9 pm with registration at 6:30.
It's been a whirlwind summer for Igniters, and we've had some accomplishments that should be recognized:

  • Glen Brown, one of the most experienced and supportive long-term Toastmasters around serves our club well in executive roles, and with his keen evaluations and hilarious style as toastmaster. And now Glen has turned his energy back to planned speeches and reached his long-sought Advanced Communicator Silver award. That's about 20 speeches and two presentations, and more work than even that sounds like. Congratulations Glen!

  • Garrett Ulmer, last year's district Humorous Speech champion, continues at full speed, and reached Advanced Communicator Bronze with a side-splitting speech about an oblivious uncle versus a rambunctious dog. Congratulations Garrett!

Monday, July 25, 2011

What A Year for Igniters!

Congrats! Presidents Distinguished Club!! How does this happen?
New members, members achieving personal goals, leadership and teamwork in exec., mentoring, and fun dynamic meetings.You all helped! Thanks exec Dave, Dawn, Terri, Nan,Garrett, Tammy, Chris
Way to go Julie for Spirit of Success New Member Award and Pres. Dave for Speech Achievement. 
More photos below.

Big thumbs up - educational goals.  Igniters - your goals for next year?

CC - Competent Communicator - Tammy, Georgi, Dave, Terri
ACS - Advanced Communicator Silver - Mona
ACG - Advanced Communicator Gold - Keith
ALB - Advanced Leadership Bronze - Eden

2 Safeway Speechcrafts - Helping Community - Dynamic leaders  Diane & Jeanette 

Remember the fun meetings?! - Spirit of Success awards, mentoring,  potlucks, contests, ed sessions, and creative themes?  Only more of it this year! Press play  - enjoy the ride.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Supporting ESL Members at Toastmasters

At the first meeting of the year, January 4th, our guest speaker, Yvea Zaels facilitated a panel discussion. The topic of this discussion was how we as Toastmasters can support English as Second Language (ESL) members. Mona Cooley, Keith Lee and Maria Kandaurova were the 3 Igniters who participated in this panel. All three of them offered us practical tips how we can support ESL members. Review and practice their tips below:

Mona’s Tips

· Offer a clear explanation on the importance of Table Topics and why we do it

· Explain the importance of having a mentor

· Explain the value of Toastmasters

Keith’s Tips

· When evaluating keep STRESS in mind

* Specific

* True – be honest

* Respectful

* Encouraging

* Sensitive – to differences in culture

* Strategic – provide 1 – 2 suggestions that would be most effective for the speaker

Maria’s Tips

· Explain all meanings for the word of the day and use it in a sentence.

· Write and display the challenge word for all to see

· Have monthly meetings between clubs so they can practice in front of different people

Let’s work together to help all members feel supported and guided at Igniters.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How will you Succeed This Year?

Nandini gave an inspiring speech "The Gift" and shared how you have a much better chance to succeed at your new years resolutions (goals) from the 9 most powerful words she learned from her friend Ray - By the End of the Year, I want to....
What are your goals?
Feel more confident a more effective leader... communicate your ideas more clearly...

Garrett working on his advanced manual - Humorously Speaking gave an a funny and informative speech about investing. What is your dream?

Mona the Mentoring Coordinator gave a survey - all the members completed to keep building on the mentoring program. Mentors can help you get to your goals and dreams faster.