Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Igniters Sizzle in the Summer

August 10 - Theme:  What is on your Bucket List? Great turnout!Welcome to newest Igniter - Amanda!

TM Nandini was inspired by Terry, 29 an Australian who had made a bucket list and one of the items was to deliver a baby. A friendly Canadian woman in Regina invited him to help with her third child. The baby was overdue and Terry got to go to his first Roughriders Football Game. Want to hear the latest and find out what else Terry has achieved besides running with the bulls, breaking a Guinness World Record, and cycling through Cuba. www.100things.com.au It might help give you ideas about how to live your best life!
Keith gave an inspiring speech  about the Toastmasters Program.

Aug. 3 -Theme: Slang
Yo wicked TM Russ was in the house!  We had a fun time LOL, ROFLOL as TTM Mona had a list of slang words 2 teams had to try and speak on  the real meaning. Know what a nifty is? Or a face card?
You do want it! Nifty = 50 bucks and face card = $100.00. We learned lots!
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July 27 - Hats! TM Diane looked sharp and led a creative evening. You should have seen what some Igniters had on their heads!  July 20 - Igniting Miracles - Joint Oudoor Meeting! Check out photos.
Thanks to Pres. Miracles - Dana for some of the pics! Esperanza & Dave gave powerful thought provoking speeches on 3 steps to communication & landmines.