Sunday, June 07, 2020

Igniting Ideas!

Igniting a Spark!
Every meeting - we see the sparks of creativity from our members! Yvonne asked our members - how have you been impacted by our club Igniters? The members shared 3 words each and Yvonne used Word Art to create this amazing image! You can see how much the members have gained from coming to this club and working on their skills.

Fan the Flames of Success
Our members continue to help each other develop their skills and achieve their educational goals. The Legacy Program will be ending June 30, 2020. Lots of opportunities to grow in Pathways Educational Program. 11 Paths for you to grow!

Creative speeches! Comparing Space X and Toastmasters, Mentees, Wicca, Mentoring Members, and Coaching about Blogging.

Educational Achievements! 
Advanced Communicator Bronze - Glen
Mentoring Program - Jey
Level 2 - Dynamic Leadership - Mona
Level 3 - Presentation Mastery - Dermot 
Level 4 - Effective Coaching - Mary

TT Wheel!
Congrats Best Listener!
Thinking Outside the Box!
Vicky as our Creative Table Topic Master used an app to create a TT wheel. She shared her screen and we all watched the wheel spin around and the name it landed on was the lucky speaker!

Tracy a newer member used her creativity to make an award as the Quiz Master. Congrats Cat! When could you be a better listener?!

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