Wednesday, July 18, 2018

End of the Year Party Photos, Awards Winners, New Executive Induction and thank you

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it to our End of the Year Party on June 26th at Mona and Ted Cooley's.  For those who missed it here is a quick recap: 

 - Rookie of the Year - Diane Devonshire

 - Toastmaster of the Year - Yvonne Heerema

Igniting Spirits Club Awards:

 - Spirit of Success New Member: Sherry Wilson McEwen

 - Spirit of Success Speech Achievement: James Frail

 - Spirit of Success Communication & Leadership: Diane Fox

 - Spirit of Success President's Choice - Yvonne Heerema

  - Spirit of Success Igniting Spirits Award - Yvonne Heerema

  - Spirit of Success Mentor Award - Marion Butcher

For the new executive:

 - President: Yvonne Heerema

 - VP Education: Marvin Henry

 - VP Membership: Ksenija Crnogorac

 - VP Public Relations: James Frail

 - Secretary: Nandini Venkatesan

 - Treasurer: Anette Madsen

 - SAA: Henry Mattos

Additional thanks goes to Ksenija for helping present the awards and providing me with this list.

Good Luck to the next executive and having a fantastic year.

Chris Crooks

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