Friday, September 15, 2017

Goal Setting

Our current VP of Education Yvonne, is connecting with Igniters to invite each of us to take the time to think about our goals for Toastmasters. 

Remember why you joined Toastmasters...

Think about what you wish to achieve this year in Toastmasters, and write it down. For example: finishing the CC manual, or learning and filling different roles at the club, completing CL, or working on advance communicator bronze, silver or gold, and higher goals.  

"The danger lies not in setting our goals too high and falling short, it is aiming too low and achieving our mark".  In other words, are you aiming too low and playing it small and safe?

What are your goals?

Connect with Yvonne, share with other Toastmasters, and together we can help each other!

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