Monday, August 21, 2017

Learning about Vocal Variety

We had a fun meeting in a new temporary location next door while they are renovating the Nifty Fifties. Always good to shake things up a bit, speak in a new venue or location. See what comes up for us! This week both our speakers were focussing on Project #6 Vocal Variety. We learned about the Power of Pause, Rate of Speaking, and the importance of Tone.

Marvin was our enthusiastic Toastmaster spoke on the Theme of Festivals and Food and all the delicious foods he had at the Taste of Calgary. Mmm!  Ayanna gave an inspiring speech about the "The Powerful, Formidable, Terrifying Midnight Robber". This is a character in the Trinad Carnival who is a legendary storyteller using very descriptive language. She also challenged the members to embody the best vision of yourself you can imagine and keep working on your goals. Mona shared funny stories"Going Euro" of her trip to Europe and how she almost missed boarding the Eurostar. We leaned about making an impact by using luggage as a prop to get the audience's attention!

Great having two guests and our members recieved feedback from evaluators who helped them become better speakers. If you were not there, we missed you! Hope to see you this week!!

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