Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Competent Communication Speech 1 and 10

Igniter's had another awesome meeting.  Marvin our Toastmaster brought us news from Toastmaster District 42, Spring Convention in Red Deer. 
On this beautiful day we were pleased to have 22 Igniter's, 2 past members and 3 guests at the meeting to hear two speeches from the Competent Communication Manual.

Ellen gave her CC#10 speech "Your Choice" and shared with us a presentation she will be giving to a group of high school students.  She shared the  difference between our  goal and our purpose here on earth and with the excellent addition of her slide presentation, we were able to learn how to apply the information to our lives.

We were fortunate to hear Kenneth's CC#1 Icebreaker speech "My Love For Books" where he walked us through parts of his life and shared some of his favorite books and how they applied to his life. He ended the presentation by finally taking the lid off of a box he had placed in the centre of the floor and surprised us by telling us that the empty box had contained his FEAR  (false evidence appearing real)

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