Saturday, July 11, 2015

We had a rip-roaring meeting on July 7, 2015 as we celebrated with a Stampede Theme.  Many members dressed the part with hats and boots as we brought some country to the Parkdale Community Centre.  Sheriff Stephen did an excellent job keeping the cowpokes on schedule and filling in interesting Stampde trivia throughout.  Introductions moved around the room with talk about our favorite parts of the Calgary Stampede and I was amazed how often food was mentioned.  I was nice to have our guests, Mamadou, Kenneth and Jasmine participate and share their feedback on us.
 JianLi and Julie entertained us with well prepared speeches, How I Came To Be Here (CC#1) and Plan For Your Future (CC#2) respectively. 
Marion did an excellent job of our two new member inductions.  I am pleased to say that Igniters has received a  Talk up Toastmasters ribbon for achieving 5 new member in Feb & March 2015. Come for a visit as we have even more guests who have joined as they see the value of Toastmasters!
We rounded out our meeting with excellent evaluations and reports from our volunteers.
 YaHoo see you next week. 

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