Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Drum roll please! The winner of 2015 Toastmaster of the Year award for Igniters is Glen!

Toastmaster of the Year: to recognize a member within the club for their achievements, enthusiasm, dedication, helping others, and success within the club and community.

Glen is a very inspiring member at Igniters Toastmasters. He has shown an experienced Toastmaster at any time can decide to pursue goals and encourage others along the way. Glen is a dedicated mentor, leader, and role model at Igniters and in the Toastmasters community.

Educational Goals
Early in the summer, Glen sent a note to the VP of Education Daryl to share his upcoming plans and goals to receive his DTM for the Fall Conference. He then signed up roles on the advanced agenda for the next few months. This was not only helpful it encouraged some members to sign up beyond the weekly goals. Daryl was very inspired and planned his own educational goals. I too was inspired and used Glen as an example for other members to sign up for roles and how planning and determination could help you achieve your dreams. Glen mentors a few new members at the club and shares his experiences and feedback.

Glen achieved four educational achievements this year and earned a triple crown! He achieved his CC in July, Advanced Silver in August, Advanced Communicator Gold in September and also his DTM. Mission accomplished! One of the highlights is Glen received his DTM from the President of Toastmasters at the Fall Conference.

Charter Presentation:
Groundswell Group celebrated their Charter Party Nov 20, 2014. Glen was the Club Mentor for Groundswell the previous year.

Special Events
Glen helped at the Igniters 10th Anniversary by being a friendly Table Topics Master, contributing to the silent auction, and assisting with the set up and cleanup of the event. He has helped to support members by judging at Club and Area contests and giving useful advice.

Conducted Education/Training session Area event:
In September, Glen presented “Building Your Thinking Power, Part 1: Mental Flexibility” module. The event was attended by members from other clubs from at least two other areas as well as Igniters. This was also a fundraising event for Igniters.

Conducted Club Officer training:
Presented VP Membership three times this year. Dec 13, 2014; Jan 24, 2015; Jun 13, 2015

Helping Other Clubs
Glen Brown assisted his wife Club Coach Diane Fox to help To the Point. He was the VP of Education and helped members plan and achieve their goals. By the end of the year the club had successfully reached 22 members.

Glen, DTM deserves to be Toastmaster of the Year for all his achievements and contributions to the club and the Toastmaster community.

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